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Below you can read the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive

FUTStage is the platform that offers direct access to professional football contexts. Through the platform you can do on site observation internships in professional clubs of the first and second league and contact staff members who work in these contexts (Coaches, Sports Directors).

In order to increase the impact and accessibility, members can take advantage of on site experiences and virtual programs to get in touch with the professional context during their subscription.

More than courses or ideas, to reach the professional context, coaches really need to:
– Create your own network of influeuntial contacts (NETWORK)
– Define your own brand and image in the market (PERSONAL BRAND)
– Obtain specific knowledge and processes for the role and context you want to reach (COMPETENCE)

FUTStage is the most effective platform for all coaches who want to become professionals and who are looking for smart investments in their coaching careers, working each of these points through the platform’s activities.

FUTStage MISSION: Connect Coaches directly with the professional football context (clubs and coaches) AND prepare them to create their own opportunities.

All football coaches, or aspiring ones, regardless of their area, experience or level of intervention, can become members: Head coaches, assistants, observers, analysts, physiologists, physical trainers, sports directors, coordinators, psychologists, students and others linked to the football modality.

We are looking for Coaches committed with the investment capacity (available time, energy and money) to follow our process and generate an impact on their own careers.

Today we have members who work in different contexts, from Champions League and Europa League clubs to national teams and sports students who are just starting their path. The most important thing is not where you are today or who you know, but if you have what it takes to walk the path with us.

FUTStage is definitely the bridge between your current and desired situation.

You can become a FUTStage member by subscribing one of the annual plans:

  • “Head Member” Plan – plan that requires an investment and gives you full access to experiences, programs and community events, always counting with the personalized support of our staff.
  • “Assistant Member” Plan – free plan that allows you to access the Member Area to learn about our activities and be contacted by our staff. As an assistant member, you can complete the 1-day observation internship in one of the clubs on our Circuit and access (through an extra payment) to all activities.

Once you purchase the “Head Member” plan, you will be able to access the “Membership Area” through the credentials (username and password) created. In this area, you have access to:

  • Experiences (on site activities)
    • Observation Internship of 1 complete Microcycle in one of the clubs from the Circuit (Training sessions + Match).
    • Observation Internship of 1 day in all the clubs of the Circuit.
  • Programs (virtual activities)
    • Professional Coaches Interaction System – interaction with all coaches.
    • Online Communication Workshop.
    • Online Social Media Workshop.
  • Community Events.
  • FUTStage Scholarship.
  • Technical content (coaches interviews, clubs reportages and articles).

All activities on the platform are personalized and followed by our staff: As a “Head Member” you have access to preparation meetings for each activity and direct support to maximize your investment. The platform activities provide coaches a participation certificate that you can attach to your CV.

In the Membership Area you will find the Member Panel that allows you to manage all activities independently.

Duration of the Membership plan: 1 year from the day of subscription.

The final price of the “Head Member” plan will depend on the payment method you use and VAT tax from your country – 23% VAT in Portugal. Members can choose to pay the full amount at once or split it in 3 payments. Check the amount ​​on the “Member” page.

The “Head Member” plan gives you the possibility to enjoy the experiences, programs and community events. If you wish, you can always invest in new experiences and programs that will have an additional cost.

We communicate in euros because we are an European company. However, we accept payments in any currency as we want to make the process easier for all our Members anywhere in the world. Don’t worry, your bank automatically converts your local currency into euros.

FUTStage is deeply committed to its members and truly wants to make an impact on their careers.

After subscribing the “Head Member” plan, you will receive a “welcome” email that contains a link to schedule the 1 on 1 virtual kick-off meeting with our staff. Purpose of this meeting:

  • Present all the activities;
  • Define a short and mid term action plan according to the goals and availability of each member;
  • Provide suggestions to get start.

As a Head Member, you will be able to schedule preparation meetings for each activity and have access to a direct communication channel to our staff.

As an Assistant Member, when you complete the subscription, you will also receive an email with a link to schedule a phone call with our staff to analyze your current situation, understand your short and mid term expectations and the budget you can invest during the season.

According to your possibilities, you will receive suggestions on how to maximize your plan.

The FUTStage team can monitor your situation to make sure you are “using and abusing” all available experiences and programs.

At FUTStage, we decided to differentiate our offer using a simple and uniform vocabulary (you know the importance of a clear and consice communication to your team):

  • Experiences – On-site activities
  • Programs – Virtual activities

In the “Membership Area” you will find this distinction in the main menu.

At the beginning of each season, FUTStage presents its Circuit with partner clubs where members can do on site experiences.

The clubs included in the FUTStage International Circuit are available to receive our members for observation internships from 1 training session to complete microcycles (training sessions and match).

Each season, FUTStage will update its Circuit with first and second league professional clubs in Portugal and abroad. The on-site internships are done with the professional teams (first team, B team, under-23 team, women’s team) and youth academy (from under-19 to under-15) of each club.

Each club has its own page with information and internal regulations within the FUTStage “Membership Area”.

The Club Circuit is officially launched on the 1st of September of each season.

The number of spots in each club is limited – Members have access to all the clubs on the Circuit as long as spots are available.

By subscribing the “Head Member” plan, you will have access to the “Membership Area” where you can book your on site experiences:

  • Observation Internships of 1 training session – The “Head Member” subscription includes the possibility to do an internship with the duration of a training session (one day) in all clubs available on our Circuit.
  • Observation internships of 1 microcycle – The “Head Member” subscription includes the possibility to do an internship with a duration of 1 complete microcycle in one of the clubs on our circuit.

Observation internships, regardless of their duration, include:

  • Follow the training session and home match.
  • Interaction with the club technical staff and other elements.
  • Visit the sports facilities (training fields, stadium).
  • Personalized support from our staff during the experience.
  • Participation certificate to add to your resume.

After completing the observation internships included in the plan, members have the opportunity to book new internships of one or more microcycles in the clubs from the Circuit – check each club page in the “Membership Area” to know the price for these extra internships. In avarage, each member book 3 microcycles (full weeks) during the season.

Before booking the internships, members can contact our team to contextualize their situation and make the best choice for their career according with the pre-defined goals.

By subscribing the “Head Member” plan, you will have access to the “Membership Area” where you can enjoy the virtual programs:

  • Professional Coaches Interaction System – The “Head Member” subscription allows you to schedule and interact 1 on 1 with all the professional coaches in the System. These interactions are done through a virtual room where you will be face to face with football professionals. We have coaches and elements from the main areas on our Circuit, who participated in contexts such as: Champions League, Europa League, National Teams, Premier Leagues in Portugal, UK, Spain and so on.
  • Communication and Social Media online Workshops – These two pieces of content are available to head members, divided into modules.
  • Mentoring Sessions – Members have access to mentors (professional coaches) who are available to assess members current skills and create a teaching-learning process for each member to efficiently reach, in the shortest possible time, the necessary skills and knowledge for the context and role you want.

Areas available for mentoring and interactions: Head/Assistant Coach; Observer/Analyst and Scout; Physiology and Fitness coaching; Goalkeeper Coach, Director/Sports Coordinator; Technical English.

All interactions and sessions are organized according to the members availability, so if you are “short on time” because of work, training sessions and/or family, it will always be possible to adapt the programs considering the members’ schedule.

As part of its vision, FUTStage wants to give back to the community and help the football coaching class around the world.

Members will have the opportunity to apply and win new FUTStage experiences and programs:

  • On-site Observation Internships
  • Virtual Mentoring Sessions

In each season, FUTStage will select members who have applied for the FUTStage Scholarship. The application is done in the “Membership Area”.

Confirm the terms and conditions of the Scholarship before the application.

FUTStage has the participation of professional coaches and experienced agents from the football industry, and a privileged relationship with clubs from professional competitions. We know that getting a job in professional clubs depends first on the people you know – Network of Influence.

The most efficient way to create a network that can impact your career is to develop connections and interact with decision-makers who will feel comfortable in the future to talk about or integrate you into their club structures. Interactions are necessary to develop these connections with people in professional contexts.

FUTStage is the only platform that you can use as a football coach to interact directly with professional contexts.

Members will have direct access to what only about 2% of the coaches class had before and will learn how to maximize these interactions to develop deep relationships in professional environments.

The door is open for you to start creating your own opportunities in professional contexts.

Coaches constantly compare themselves with their professional peers. Coaches think that once they control the training process with their young players, they are ready to jump into professional contexts. But that’s not exactly true.

Over the years and after exposing thousands of coaches to professional environments, we understand that this exposure can generate job opportunities only when coaches are truly prepared to take advantage of the experience. Being ready is all about competence – you need to create value.

At FUTStage we went deeper and today we are prepared to guide you through the 3 necessary steps to become competent as a football coach:

– Identify your goal (role and context) and a possible path to reach it.
– Understand which needs and challenges that professional football coaches have today in your dream area.
– Master these needs and challenges.

The professional market only wants one thing: Results. And competence is the foundation to get it.

FUTStage spent over 4 years in the professional market understanding and testing strategies to build a useful personal brand for the football coaches.

Today we focus on the “2 “P’s” process”: PROTECTION and PROMOTION.

Coaches need to protect their brand, which means they need to ensure that people of interest find exactly what coaches want them to find. To promote themselves, coaches need to define their targeted audiences and use the available channels to spread their work.

As a member, you will understand this process and get your brand to the next level.