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Observation Interships at UD Vilafranquense

Step by step:

    1. Select the tab according to the duration (1 day or full Microcycle) o the intership;
    2. Open the calendar and choose the day/week(s) you want to book;
    3.  fill the form with requested info (Name, contacts), attach your updated CV, confirm theb Covid19 regilations (vaccionation certificate) and continue to the checkout page;
    4. On the checkout page you can apply your discount coupon (if you have one) and complete the order.

    Note: Before booking the internship, please read the club regulations at the bottom of this page.

As Head Member (annual subscription) – the 100% discount applies on the check-out page automatically.


Ricardo Sequeira, Portugal🇵🇹
2 Microcycles


Rui Silva, Portugal🇵🇹
1 Microcycles


Vasco Silva, Portugal🇵🇹
1 Microcycles


Internal Regulation


Currently, soccer in Vila Franca de Xira is experiencing a new dynamic and organization both in terms of sports and financial terms, to the extent that the project of UDV, Futebol SAD, formed in 2013, aims a great concern with the training soccer. That bet started, faster than expected, to bear fruit, as shown by the sporting results obtained in 2019, by the senior team through the historic climb to the Second League and the Under-19 junior team conquering, on its own merit, access to the First Division National Championship.

Vilafranquense is, at this point, a club in sustained growth and, little by little, has been gaining respect and national projection.