CF Estrela da Amadora

Observation Interships at CF Estrela da Amadora

Step by step:

    1. Select the tab according to the duration (1 day or full Microcycle) o the intership;
    2. Open the calendar and choose the day/week(s) you want to book;
    3.  fill the form with requested info (Name, contacts), attach your updated CV, confirm theb Covid19 regilations (vaccionation certificate) and continue to the checkout page;
    4. On the checkout page you can apply your discount coupon (if you have one) and complete the order.

    Note: Before booking the internship, please read the club regulations at the bottom of this page.

As Head Member (annual subscription) – the 100% discount applies on the check-out page automatically.


Ricardo Sequeira, Portugal🇵🇹
2 Microcycles


Rui Silva, Portugal🇵🇹
1 Microcycles


Vasco Silva, Portugal🇵🇹
1 Microcycles


Internal Regulation


The Clube de Futebol Estrela da Amadora is a Portuguese professional football club, based in the municipality of Amadora. During its history, Estrela occupied places in both the Portuguese Primeira Liga and the Segunda Liga, achieving 3 divisions and being the champion of the Segunda Liga in the 1992/93 season.