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As a member you can participate in on site and virtual activities in which you will meet and interact with other coaches and elements of professional clubs

Open Day

60% off for Active Members

  • Arrival at the training facilities
  • Training session observation
  • Visit the sport facilities
  • Presentation from the technical staff about the experience
  • Group lunch 

Match Day

70% off for Active Members

  • Arrival at the stadium
  • Follow the match 
  • Exclusive experiences


Free for all members

  • Group Meeting with the invited proffesionals
  • Q&A

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Free Member

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  • Individual consultation with our Staff
  • Access to the "Membership Area"
  • Observation Internship of 1 day limited to ONE club from the Circuit
  • Access to the Community Events
  • Access to the technical content (interviews, reportages and articles)

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