Creativity in Tactical Formations and the idea thieves

With this specific example, you will be able to watch and analyse one of the most interesting free-kicks of the current season. Wolfsburg has adapted with creativity to the new rule regarding the mandatory distance to the opponent’s “wall”, which has recently been implemented.  In spite of the constraint, the team has been able to block their opponents thus creating space for a free man that will have higher chances of scoring, since he might be in a possible 1×0 situation. We already know the importance of Tactical Formations in matches and how they highly influence the final score. For that reason, it’s important to keep watching and analysing what others are doing. It’s essential to follow the evolutionary trends concerning this “5th moment of the game” which may get our team closer to success. For all of those who like to “borrow” some ideas and adjust the macro principles according to their own interpretation and context, here’s an interesting free-kick.



See Benfica’s set pieces against Paredes in the Cup, blocking principles to create interesting advantages.




Author: João Cancela

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