How to receive the ball between the lines

Here’s some Micro aspects that are crucial for playing between the lines and keep the game flowing:

  • Rotate your neck. This is an essential action that allows you to anticipate playing scenarios (you can see the space, your opponents and the pressure they’re applying which allows you to adjust your positioning according to where the ball is);
  • Your body should be oriented between the ball-goal axis, so that you can see the ball and the opponent’s goal, thus receive the ball while facing it;
  • With which foot do you receive the ball? This aspect is related to the previous one, since the foot with which we should receive is the one farthest away from the ball. This, combined with an adequate body orientation, allows us to receive the ball and be immediately facing the opponent’s goal
  • Pay attention to the support orientation which is related to the body orientation given the fact that supports must be oriented in order to receive the ball and immediately get out of the pressure zone;
  • Associated with the neck rotation, it’s important to go higher on the pitch while the team is doing it as well. That means, realizing that the space is opening up and that you must keep moving to stay inside those half-spaces;



Author: Francisco Martins

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