Assaulting the Castle and the 1st Place

In Offensive Organisation, SCP displayed some interesting behaviours – more specifically in the 1st Phase of the build-up and by playing with long passes (a usual move during the match). Let’s take a look into the team’s approach to the spaces that were or could be a solution, during the match, such as: Half-Spaces (especially since the opponent’s winger Quaresma was playing wide and open), spaces in the opponent’s last defensive line and VSC’s difficulties controlling the depth.

In Defensive Organization (the moment of the game where SCP’s head coach, Rúben Amorim, and his technical staff, are rather competent), they revealed some difficulties in applying pressure – in the 1st half, the opponent midfielders’ high mobility made the job difficult for SCP’s midfielders to apply reference pressure; and in the 2nd half it happened because Jovane failed to understand the playing scenarios. However, Sporting still managed to control Vitória de Guimarães’ direct playing and the opponent’s winger double-width behaviours and movements from the inside to the outside.


SCP’s Offensive Transition was always threatening throughout the match, taking advantage of the spaces between the lines or using the depth to create advantages.





Author: João Cancela

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