Spaces and solutions against a 5x3x2 formation

You can identify these behaviours when a team is playing in Offensive Organization facing a Medium/Medium-Low block and facing usually open spaces between the opponent’s Striker and the CM that represent the timing of the microstructure’s break. For that, we will analyse dynamics from the 2nd to the 3rd Phases of the build-up and from the 3rd Offensive Phase with in line formations of 4 and 3 players.

The fundamental principles to conquer the space from the 2nd to the 3rd Phase of the build-up are related to: attracting to a corridor, slowing the game and searching the opposite space by connecting with the fullback playing inside (in case of playing with a line of 4) or with the wide CB (if playing with 3 CB’s) – for this to happen successfully we’ll have to hold the fullback from the line of 5, the wide CB and the opponent’s CM as well. With this, we’ll open the space for our player to progress with the ball and decide either to finish or search the 2×1/3×2 advantages.

In the 3rd Phase of the build-up the principles are similar. However, if we want to project our fullback from the outside, the winger will have to play a little lower on the pitch and appearing more on the inside (the principles to hold the opponents remain the same, although in this scenario it’s common not having someone holding the CB form the width of the line of 5. As such, the advantages may not be fully guaranteed).

Ideas to create advantages in the video.

PS: Look for and listen to Nuno Sequeira’s post-match interview (SC Braga), where he explains why he was one of the central characters of the game vs. AEK which played in 5x3x2 predominantly positioning themselves in a Medium/Medium-Low Block.

Author: João Cancela

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