SL Benfica’s offensive short corner kicks

SL Benfica’s standard behaviour in offensive corner kicks in the 20/21 season so far. A Micro-analysis that emphasizes the corner playwith the use of the fullback that’s on the side of the ball as the 3rd man.

This is an interesting dynamic and if you manage to place this 3rd man in a finishing position, it can increase your probability of success in front of goal. Since the opponents aren´t expecting this movement (especially in a zonal marking scenario), they’ll be adjusting their positioning and the spaces in the finishing zone will appear.

SL Benfica’ short corner kick dynamics isn’t just about the use of the fullback as a 3rd man. What makes the team even more dangerous is Benfica’s freedom of decision to create advantages in this short corner dynamic that has the following principles: the winger’s (Rafa) supporting movement and the vertical progression of the fullback on the side of the ball. These 3 men (plus the one who takes the corner kick), create 3×1/3×2 situations with positional superiority (space-time).

Author: João Cancela

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