FC Porto 3×1 SC Braga analysis by Sergio Conceição

Sérgio Conceição’s analysis of the game, against a very competent SC Braga. From the very organized and coordinated 1st Phase of Pressure in High Block at the beginning of the game (always closing the spaces very well), through themes such as the difficulty of his team in “Establishing”, or his good Defensive Organization, which prevented the opponent to offensively link his game in order to “break” the defensive structure from the outside or the inside. A good part of the public wants to understand what really happened in the game…

Regarding the Strategic Plan, what was different and how did they adjust it? What spaces did they expect and which ones really existed in the game? How did they expect to upset the opponent and how did they actually do it during the game? Feedback at the half-time, substitutions, etc. It is time to really talk about the Game with all the Coaches. Listen, and understand with the images of the very broad and short, but coherent (!) And correct (!), Analysis of Sérgio Conceição.

Author: João Cancela

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