More than Mourinho vs. Guardiola – Analysis of the Spurs 2×0 City

The Citizens were predominantly in OO-DT (Offensive Organisation/Defensive Transition) and the team revealed some issues especially in the dynamics of the 3rd phase of the build-up when trying to effectively find space in Tottenham’s defence. The dynamic of the striker (Kane) as a support, the breakout movements of the winger (mainly Son) and the advantages created by Kane with his positioning inside in support (both in Organization and in Transition) contributed to City’s fair defeat.

Tottenham was competent in organization without possession and had some quality offensive transitions with the striker (Kane) playing in support and creating advantages that affected Manchester City’s game.

In the end, Mourinho’s Tottenham won fairly against Guardiola’s City.

Manchester City

Offensive Organisation


When in offensive organization, City explored different spaces and solutions such as looking for connections with the striker Gabriel Jesus playing in support. Another common dynamic was trying to move the play to the right wing with the intention of exploring a possible 1×1 situation with the winger. City wasn’t able to “attract” the opponents and lacked other behaviours in order to be more successful in this type of connection and in exploring the spaces.



Defensive Transition

We highlight the striker’s (Kane) behaviour. He played in support ready to be a reference in the build up phase and when finishing. Additionally, the goal that practically ended the match (the 2nd one) was a result of this situation.



Defensive Organisation

Besides having the striker (Kane) playing in support on the inside, the breakout movements of the winger (mainly Son) highly affected City (the team conceded the 1st goal because of this).



Author: João Cancela

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