A Defeat that knocked the Nations League defending champions out of this season’s finals

Defensive Organisation

Understand the difficulties of the Portuguese national team in detail, particularly in its first phase of pressure where the team was in constant inferiority, especially from the right wing, since Ronaldo would hold mainly Varane. Besides that, you can also see the defensive behaviours of the Portuguese team from the left wing. We highlight the control of the wings with individual references, the midfielders looking for individual references on the inside (and struggling to do so) and the French dynamics with Rabiot and Griezmann who created a lot of advantages, which also happened as a result of a macro collective positioning.


Offensive Organization

Portugal revealed some problems in its 1st and 2nd phases of the build-up, especially by exploring the ball possession to the width without being able to create advantages from the outside or the inside (in fact, the team lost possession on the inside a few times with William trying to push without space/advantages). Analyse the standard positioning game in the left and right wide space, its difficulties and the spaces that could have been taken advantage of with some adjustments and the resulting dynamics.




Author: João Cancela

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