The advantages of building-up with a full-back playing inside

This is a build-up with a defensive line of 3 and a full-back playing inside, for example in a tactical formation with a defensive line of 4 or with a formation using 3 CB’S in which one of them is a full-back or has had experience in that position. With it, the team is able to create momentary superiorities essentially from the dynamic of attracting to a corridor in order to explore the opposite one with the projection (either on the inside or on the outside, depending on other factors) of the full-back playing inside.

Although this is a simple behaviour, it has an incredible influence in the game due to the imbalances it causes in the opponent’s defensive structure even against teams that defend with a line of 4 or 5 (against a 5x3x2 formation and attacking with a line of 3 established in a 2nd Phase of the build-up, by attracting/exploring the opposite wing, the imbalance will be caused by the RCB and the LCB as they will have the space to be able to progress with or without the ball). This dynamic can be more advantageous from the 2nd Phase of the build-up to the 3rd Phase, reaching more advanced zones and being able to break the opponent’s control of the wings and set it up with more success.

Check how this dynamic is adopted by other teams such as Manchester City (Kyle Walker vs. West Ham in 5x4x1), FC Porto (Zaidu vs. Gil Vicente in 5x4x1), SC Braga (Nuno Sequeira vs. AEK in 5x3x2 and vs. CD Nacional in 4x1x4x1) and SCP (Nuno Mendes vs Gil Vicente in 3x4x3).

Author: João Cancela

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