SL Benfica dominating the 5th Matchday

The choice of having two players in the position and with the characteristics of a number 9, allowed to hold the CB’S from the width (since the middle one usually holds that position more). The continuous use of a line of “3+1” in the build-up, created a situation of 3×2 on the inside (vs. the opponents’ Midfielders) which guaranteed the creation of advantages there, depending on the timings. B-SAD managed to adjust their game after having some difficulties.

However, they continued to be vulnerable as SLB slowed the game when trying to move the play to the opposite side or even searching for the half-space on the side of the ball: B-SAD’s Wingers (especially Varela) couldn’t hold their position on the inside.

Benfica’s excellent positioning in the game allowed the creation of these spaces. However, they lacked better timings and settings to create finishing chances from the inside.

This analysis is dedicated to a particular behaviour/connection that presents itself as an excellent solution against the 5x4x1 formation in which the Wingers don’t close the space on the inside properly (and even if they can close those spaces, eventually they’ll be open again).

Author: João Cancela

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