The 3 most important aspects the coaches need to build relationships with players

From all the relationships that take place in the sporting environment, the coach-players relationship is possibly the most important!

There are 3 very important aspects that the coach must take into consideration to gain the confidence of his players and build relationships with them.

The relational aspect of the coach with the athlete emerges, fundamentally, through open and honest communication that enhances affective bonds, feelings of trust and mutual interpersonal appreciation. The coach motivates and establishes the right learning conditions becoming one of the most influential for the player’s outcome.

Emotional Regulation:
Perceiving the emotional responses of players at different times of competition, their personality and dreams can help the coach to define strategies for emotional regulation. It is also important to carefully control how the coach himself reacts to certain triggers, preventing emotions to prevail over the reason.

Regardless of the message he wants to convey or the situation, the coach must avoid at all costs behaviours that lead to feelings of injustice such as treating athletes differently. The perception of justice and the satisfaction of needs allows players to access relevant information, which increases their proximity with the team, improves the quality of their decision making and interpersonal relationships.
It is part of the coach’s job to create a controlled and mastery environment, deflecting organizational pressure and results, reducing stressful experiences and increasing the players’ adaptive behaviours.

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