ONSIDE ENGLISH – English for Football Professionals

Get your message across to your players in a clearer way. The English for Football Professional Course gives coaches, analysts, scouts and players the ability to communicate more effectively on the pitch.

The English for Football Professionals Intermediate Course

Are you wanting to coach in the US but are worried about your communication on the pitch?
Do you want to explain your footballing methods and philosophy more accurately?

The English for Football Professionals Intermediate Course gives you the ability and confidence to talk about football strategies and use typical football phrases in English.

• Communicate better with your players
• Run clearer training sessions
• Explain tactics and strategies better
• Build better relationships with your players
• Know how to use common English phrases in Football
• Adjust faster to English speaking environments
• Progress your football coaching/scouting career better

Cost of Product – $178 + 15% OFF for users


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